Thursday, June 19, 2008

Well, now that the weather is finally dry for a spell, we are trying to get some hay put up. The hay is way over ripe and thick so cutting has been slow and hopefullly we can get it dried and put up before rain comes our way. The little picture icons show partly cloudy for today and then next couple days show thunderclouds but when you read the prediction the percent chance is 20% for today, 30% Friday and 50% for Saturday. Like my dad says at least til Saturday there is greater chance it won't rain so why the thundcloud icons? One thing that is slowing us down from cutting a whole bunch of hay is the bolt pictured below. One little bolt that holds the sickle bar on and keeps breaking! New Holland dealer didn't have it so went to hardware store and bought one with same characteristics. A lot cheaper by the way. However, the sickle bar must be having trouble getting through the hay causing the bolt to break. I might need to put new sections on and sharpen it up. Gordon, you will see that we did pick up all of the old silo metal we drug into the field and you cut up!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Petunia and Fannie Mae

You can see that they are doing fine here a week later! Her eyes have cleared up and now looks like a normal inquisitive calf.

Petunia finally delivers

I know this is a long time in coming but Petunia finally delivered. Last Sunday morning we woke up and she had a new calf. She was off to herself Sat night and we wondered about her. Maybe we should have checked on her during the night since the calf named Fannie Mae had really blood shot eyes and the ‘Devil Calf’ look. It must have been a long hard labor. Monday the calf was bellowing and hungry since Petunia’s bag was so big and low to the ground she could figure out how to suck. Maybe hard labor was an understatement and Fannie was our cerebral palsy poster calf….. Anyway with a little guidance and proof she was getting some milk we turned them out with the others.