Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Yesterday morning Bonnie, Clyde, (pretty boy) Floyd, Jesse (james), and Billy (the kid) were herded into a stock trailer and sent off to Topeka. Things are kind of quiet now in the herd without these 'almost' yearlyings butting and tussling around all the time. We kept Belle and now she plays the older sister to Maggie and Sallie. We thought we would have a few more calves by now since Petunia is huge and ready to pop but she just gets bigger and bigger.....

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Hey! This must be the switch!!! HMMMmmmmmmmmmMMMMmmmmmmMMM

Friday, May 9, 2008

A few more pictures.
Silo Blocks for any and all!! Come and get them!!! Ten loads and the pile didn't seem much larger.

And then there is this ongoing game of 'star wars' (seemingly organized by Gunnar but Jilly seems into it, I think she was Leia). I'm told later as I'm handed a black flashlight that I'm Darth Vader! Oh no! they are shooting at me. What to do? Water is bad, right????? A flashlight is not a light saber!! So, wave it like it works..... Anyway...... fun is fun, lots of screams and running and I think I won.

Anybody ready to go mushroom hunting???????? I'm ready!! (says Jilly but who is listening?)

Later Grandma is explaining something deep at Puchinis (sp??? I think there is a y in there somewhere). Nice pizza place and even Leia has her buns!!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Gordon and Myrna came to spend a long weekend with us and see whats happening in Indiana in May. Its been a long time since they've been here and much has changed. They had hoped May would be warm and a few of the days were but Saturday we went to Jon and Jamies and it was cold. Friday 'the girls' went Vera Bradley shopping and 'the boys' cleared a lot of the old silo blocks out of the barnyard. Saturday was Lafayette and a little morel mushroon hunting. We left them in Lafayette Saturday night and after meeting Jon and Jamie and all the grandkids took Gordon and Myrna to see the race track in Indy and cars going over 200 mph. I guess that wraps up Indiana in May.