Sunday, September 28, 2008

You know brothers when you see them

I had to laugh. I went to Indy monday and got to see Ingrid and Jake. Well, originally I thought that Gunnar had flag football practice and Ingrid had plans for supper so Jake and I would go to football practice and see 'organized chaos.' Anyway that was not the plans at all and aften a nice dinner of meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and green beans I left for Fort Wayne. But before going I got a picture of Ingrid and the boys. As you can see Aiden did not want Gunnar in the picture or at least on that side of Mom!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Jude's 6th Birthday

And there is more than calves!! Can you believe it? Anyway we went to West Lafayette ChuckieCheese and Jude's 6th birthday party. Lots of fun for all and Jude had lots of fun. How can you not have fun if there are dinosaurs on the cake & Chuckie Cheese singing "Happy Birthday to You"? HIGH FIVE CHUCKIE!!

Freddie Mac has arrived!!

Thursday a week plus ago Maude finally had her calf. She is our last one so now it is only keeping things in order. (So to speak) Maude has 'lost' her calf several times. We had to help her look and when (we found it and) she finally got her calf back, mainly because he did'nt 'want to get up' and was on the other side of the electric fence, she seemed to think it was our fault. Anyway, Freddie Mac has arrived! After Maggie mae, Sallie mae, Fannie mae, Ellie mae, and Lissy mae, we have a BULL so Freddie mac is here!! He is so White!