Sunday, October 19, 2008

Happy 50th!

Saturday brought a 50th Wedding Anniversary - Gerald and Gay! Turns out their reception was actually on their anniversary day. 50 years on Oct. 18th

I don't see any changes over 50 years. Do you?

A little over a week ago Jeannette spent a little time with us. She does pretty well. Our biggest worry is that the dogs in some excitement to get somewhere fast will bowl her over. Generally speaking they keep a fairly low profile. As you can see Daisy is trying to blend into the sunbeams. Sunday we had Jackie and Clarence over for dinner before taking Jeannette over to Ralph and Ginny's.

Jon, Jamie, and family came up from Layfayette the first weekend in October and we had out own Apple Days. Our trees are loaded so we put all the kids in the loader and picked some apples. After washing the apples and opening them up and removing any bad parts, we chipped them and then pressed apple juice. We probably ran three runs through the press and got 4 1/2 gallons of juice. Not bad for a few hours of work. Grandma Kate got some pictures and you can see we had lots of help. When we were working outside the bees showed up when we were chipping so soon we had to move inside.