Friday, July 30, 2010

This time of year is one that drives the cows crazy during daylight hours. The horse flies are out and BITE. They live a strange life cycle for causing the cows such a problem. The female need a blood meal to have enough protein to lay eggs in wet areas. The eggs hatch and larval and pupal forms live in the soil feeding on debris and other dirt dwellers then fly out a year or two later and wreck havoc with large animals getting blood to start the cycle all over. The cows go nuts and since they seem to only fly around when it is hot and humid the cows will hide out in a dark corner of the barn all day to avoid them.

Last week I stumbled on a trap, 'Googling' horse flies, that is supposed to catch them and immediately ordered it. We are awaiting its arrival and whether to see if it stands up to all the testimonials. It would be different to actually see the cows during the day! Wow to think we could actually kill some of them!!!!

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Anita B said...

That's why I liked Science so much- helped you understand all the ordinary things that were always going on all around you! Like why horse flies bite in the summer.

Let us know if it works!